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Indian Point nuclear plant leak causes radioactivity in groundwater –

Government Shutdown of a US Nuclear Plant at Indian Point in Buchanan ...

(CNN)  A leak at the Indian Point nuclear facility in New York has sent contaminant into the area groundwater, causing radioactivity levels 65,000% higher than normal, the Gov. Andrew Cuomo said on Saturday.The groundwater beneath the nuclear plant, which does not contribute to drinking water, flows into the Hudson River at a point about 25 miles north of New York City.Indian Point’s parent company Entergy said elevated levels of tritium, a radioactive isotope of hydrogen, had been detected in the groundwater at the facility, but that “there is no health or safety consequence to the public.”

Source: Indian Point nuclear plant leak causes radioactivity in groundwater –

When will it finally be enough to shut down Indian Point?  When?!  And what utter bull!@#$ to say there is no health consequence. That is narrow and negligent.  That is shooting from the hip, ass-covering spin especially until the investigation comes up with the real information, if it does.  That is an extremely densely populated area, right on the Hudson River, and plenty of locals are already scared about the plant. That statement is about squelching panic and not spreading real information.

Indian Point has a long history and it is time for it to close for good!

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