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(petition) Click Here to Say “No” to EPA’s Threat to Motorsports

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SEMA has issued a press release informing the public that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is aiming to make it illegal to convert automobiles originally designed for on-road use into racecars, even though such conversions have been done for decades.

Source: Click Here to Say “No” to EPA’s Threat to Motorsports

This is NOT the battle for EPA to fight.  It’s exactly the sort of thing that makes the public HATE the EPA and environmentalist. You won’t find a more hard core environmental site that this but I have been personally involved in motorsports and I can tell you, relatively speaking, this is NOT the fight they should pick.  So many innovations come from Motorsports. This is based on politics and has nothing to do with serious environmental protection!

How about all the other Flint Michigans?

How about all the CORPORATE violations of water, air, earth pollution?

How about protecting bees from pesticides and viruses?

on and on

Please sign.

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3 Comments on (petition) Click Here to Say “No” to EPA’s Threat to Motorsports

  1. How do Motorsports and environmentalism go together?


    • Because the sanctioning organizations for any event OWN it. And as noted, it’s tiny potatoes compared to the really environmental offenders. How about looking at superfund sites and finding out what real progress is being made there. Did you know there are cylinders full of radioactive waste from the Uranium Enrichment plant in Western Kentucky? Right in the middle of industrial farming you’ll find that ground water pollution and the coal dust and other pollution from the power plant made for that plant. More than 30 years that place has been a superfund. What’s the EPA doing there? In comparison motorsports happen in existing facilities which have strict regulations and controls. Plus innovations that make all of us safer on the road and in our cars originated from motorsports. It’s political. IT’s not about real environmental protection. Hope that helps answer your question.



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