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Peekskill NY — Balancing Growth With a Healthy Environment

NYSERDA, another Sustainable Westchester energy-saving program, was rolled out in Peekskill a few years ago. It promotes energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources through home heating inspections and insulation. Free (and very comprehensive) home inspections are available to a surprisingly large number of people who meet the income standard. A pool of pre-vetted installers is available to perform any suggested installations. (I was one of the first in the city to take advantage of NYSERDA and am happy to report my energy bill has shrunk noticeably!)Another SW initiative is Solarize Hudson Valley. It promotes energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources. The program was “designed to increase the amount of solar installed in Westchester County and helps the residents and businesses install solar more easily and at a lower cost.” A large number of municipalities have already jumped on board. Recognizing the benefit to their residents, neighboring Cortlandt signed up for the program, taking a leadership position in the area regarding global warming and the environment.

Source: Peekskill NY — Balancing Growth With a Healthy Environment

Good stuff.

Of course Peekskill is very close to the Indian Point facility and we’ve heard about it lately.  Gov Cuomo has called for it to be shut down.  Peekskill and everyone else that gets energy from that plant need to be assisted further with solar and wind options. 

It is time to stop thinking about growth and to think about what success means in other terms.  You cannot have infinite growth with finite materials.  

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