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Our worst fears for grizzly bears came true last month


Our worst fears for grizzly bears came true last month:

The Fish and Wildlife Service released an ill-conceived plan to delist grizzly bears in the Yellowstone region. The plan lets Wyoming, Montana and Idaho divvy up killing grizzly bears by hunting them as trophies.

Dozens of grizzly bears could be needlessly shot and killed.

Grizzly bears, gray wolves and other endangered species need you right now: Please renew your support to the Sierra Club and help us reach our $100,000 Earth Day Campaign goal to fuel our citizen-based lobbying campaign in Congress.

It’s taken 40 years of Endangered Species Act protections to bring Yellowstone’s grizzlies back from the brink of extinction. It’s horrible to think about these iconic creatures being hunted for sport, if ESA protections are removed.

Their fates, and the fates of gray wolves, right whales, and countless other endangered animals, rest with Congress. That’s because Congress dictates what the Fish and Wildlife Service can do and sets funding levels for species protections.

We’ve got smart plans to pressure strategic swing voters in Congress, including sending staff to lobby key members, mobilizing Sierra Club’s grassroots members, and advocating our position before editorial boards.

But how much of this we can do will depend upon what kind of financial support we receive from supporters like you.

Renew your support by Earth Day and help Sierra Club defend grizzly bears and other threatened wildlife. When you make your discounted $5 gift, we’ll send your choice of a free Gray Trekker Bag or set of Eco-Chic Tote Bags as our way of saying thank you.

It’s heartbreaking, Kym: Grizzlies about to enter their dens in the fall could be shot by trophy hunters, including females who would otherwise give birth to cubs during the winter while in their dens. Grizzlies need you and me to stand up and fight for their survival.

Please help these bears survive. I promise that your support will make a difference.

Michael Brune
Michael Brune
Executive Director


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