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Dumping Fukushima tritium into ocean ‘least costly, fastest’ solution: gov’t – The Mainichi

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry estimates that discharging tritium in the contaminated water at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant into the ocean is the fastest and least costly way of disposing of the radioactive material, it has been learned.

The ministry is set to present the estimate at an April 19 expert panel meeting. The ministry has been looking into ways to dispose of radioactive tritium, which cannot be removed by the plant’s “ALPS” (Advanced Liquid Processing System) multi-nuclide removal equipment and has thus been accumulating in storage tanks on the plant premises.

While the expert panel will also present other methods, the ministry’s estimate may affect the decisions of the government and plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Co. over the tritium disposal method.

Source: Dumping Fukushima tritium into ocean ‘least costly, fastest’ solution: gov’t – The Mainichi

The way governments of the other countries on the Pacific Rim are not speaking up or saying and doing anything about TEPCO and government decisions like that this is utterly dumbfounding. 

Just because it’s quick and easy doesn’t make it right. But who has learned better from the USA than Japan?

I guess the fisheries have just given up protesting. 

TEPCO has publicly stated since at least 2013 they wanted to dump it all in the Ocean. 


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