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Animal Cruelty & Exploitation Rank High has more than 1,000 posts now and a brief look at the data shows that most viewers are interested in Animal Cruelty and Exploitation.

This viewer result is not surprising.  Any review of social media comments on animal stories shows how people are very strongly against animal cruelty.  That’s social media.

There is still plenty of animal cruelty in the world.

Cruelty Against Animals

Animals are used for many purposes and the most common streams in which they are exploited are entertainment, research and fashion. Statistics in the U.S, show that,

32.4% animals are neglected
11.6% are shot dead
11.5% die through choking or suffocation
9.3% die of poisoning and fighting
7% are beaten up or face theft
5.6% are tortured
2.4% are hunted or thrown away
2.3% are stabbed
2.2% are suffer from burning or drown
1.9% burn due to caustic substance
1.8% die from fighting
1.4% unlawful trade

The animal abuse statistics show us the number of animals that fall prey to cruelty.

Read more at Buzzle:

How about climate change as animal cruelty?  Hundreds of species are going extinct right now, every day,  thanks to habitat loss and climate change.

How about wearing fur… talk about cruel.

What about eating industrial meat?   (Versus a local, humanely raised animal for those who must have meat)

How about the BP Oilpocalypse?

How about FUKUSHIMA?

If we save ourselves we save them, if we save them we save ourselves. We are all connected. What we buy causes animal cruelty!  See stories on Palm Oil, who wants to think about them burning orangutans so they can have palm oil in their toothpaste? It’s obscene.  We act like it’s not happening but it’s all around us.

Climate change, although being the number one category of posts here on – due to it’s extremely high risk position for all life on this planet (see latest Hansen study) – is nearly the least read.

People just do not want to think about climate change, do they?  There is too much science now to even take a denier seriously.  Yet the mere idea of something as disruptive to our species as abrupt climate change is too big to get your head around so easier to watch fluff television.

Life is so interesting.


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