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Proper Handling of Eggs: From Hen to Consumption | Phillip J. Clauer | .pdf

It is recommended, if you must eat eggs, that you either buy local where you can see the operation and know the owners  OR  raise your own.

In reading this very interesting paper on proper handling of eggs it struck this writer as to how fluid is the entire egg, not just the yolk.

Egg shells are hard and crispy, fragile. But new eggs are so porous.  Look at these excerpts:

3. Never cool eggs rapidly before they are cleaned. The egg shell will contract and pull any dirt or bacteria on the surface deep into the pores when cooled. Try to keep the temperature relatively constant until they are washed.
4. Wash eggs as soon as you collect them. This helps limit the opportunity of contamination and loss of interior quality.
5.Wash eggs with water 10 degrees warmer than the egg. This will make the egg contents swell and push the dirt away from the pores of the egg. If you have extremely dirty eggs, a mild detergent approved for washing eggs can be used.  Never let eggs sit in water. Once the temperature equalizes the egg can absorb contaminants out of the water.

The eggs are tiny ecosystems that react to water. Pretty fascinating.

You really should only consume eggs like this because according to this paper the eggs only stay at good quality for a month.  How old do you think the eggs are when you get them from the big box grocery?  How long do you leave them in your fridge?

The old floating egg test can keep you from getting sick on bad eggs but you have to wonder how much nutrition you actually get from store bought eggs……

Source: 2902-1091 – 2902-1091_pdf.pdf

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