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May 7 is Empty the Tanks! | Please Show Your Support

Three years ago, after visiting Taiji, Japan and witnessing the atrocities committed there, Rachel Carbary began Empty the Tanks – a yearly public awareness and protest event that gives a voice to all captive dolphins and other whales.

DP: When is this year’s event?

RC: This year’s Empty the Tanks event is on May 7, 2016, worldwide.


DP: What made you focus on captivity upon your return from Taiji?

RC: After seeing the direct link between the dolphin slaughters and the captivity industry, I felt like I needed to do more. There are dolphins and whales suffering in captivity across the world and I wanted to be a voice for them.


DP: What is the main message of Empty the Tanks?

RC: This is a global event where activists can stand together and speak out against captivity. Our mission is to reach the general public in a positive and productive way. Marine entertainment parks have no place in our world, as they are nothing more than animal slavery institutions. Dolphins and other whales are incredibly social, intelligent beings that are being exploited to make money, and this needs to be brought to people’s attention.

More of the interview at the source:

May 7 is Empty the Tanks! | Ric O’Barry’s Dolphin Project

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