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5 Reasons Why You Should Think Twice Before Jumping Into Your Local River

Though states are required to test the water quality of their streams and rivers under the Clean Water Act of 1972, IWLA says that “funds are limited and most waterways are not tested regularly or accurately.” In fact, only 2 percent are effectively tested for water quality. Adding to the concern is the fact that half have failed to meet state water quality standards, which means they are too dirty for swimming or fishing. The harsh reality is that for too long, Americans have been in the dark about the health of their local waters, many of which may harbor undetected pollution.“There is an alarming lack of timely information about water quality in this country,” said IWLA Executive Board Chair Jodi Arndt Labs. “Every morning, you can read about that day’s air quality in the local paper or on your smartphone. Yet information about the health of local streams is five to 10 years old. That’s a problem.”

Source: 5 Reasons Why You Should Think Twice Before Jumping Into Your Local River

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IT is so depressing to see all the heartfelt work that happened in the 70s to establish meaningful protections for the natural world being so undone and mismanaged.

But this isn’t new information to the American family.  The drinking water for my home comes from a river and just about no one I know trusts it’s been cleaned properly and therefore we drink bottled water. All of us, at least 60oz per person per day.  And of course that water comes in plastic bottles.  It’s just never ending. But I digress, the water isn’t tested for anything that comes from nuclear plants.  It’s not tested for all the nasty chemicals that corporations dump.  LOTS of stuff in our water isn’t tested and that’s drinking water so why would we think they’d cared about Rivers & Streams?  The groups that care about those wetland types are Riverkeepers!  Activists like us.  We already know the rivers are f!@#$&

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