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Australia Just Approved a Coal Mine That Will Emit More Greenhouse Gases Than 52 Nations | No Carbon Tax

The move comes a week after the conservative government scrapped Australia’s carbon tax.

Source: Australia Just Approved a Coal Mine That Will Emit More Greenhouse Gases Than 52 Nations | TakePart

(Photo: Ho New/Reuters)

Carbon tax is an effort in futility.  But approving a coal mine like this is full blown denial.  And that is something that Australia does not need!!

Hey Guys, go have a look at the Great Barrier Reef…. which heritage is it that you’re trying to protect, exactly?

from the NYT, July 2014 Todd Woody

His political success was not, in fact, a result of the failure of the policy. The scheme was, in at least the most important sense, working, since emissions were declining. The initial public opposition was fading, but the Labor government that introduced the policy failed to sell it. Critics portrayed it as a burden that would hurt businesses and cost households, instead of one that would cut pollution and ensure a more secure future for our children.

It was the misleading old cliché — the economy versus the environment — but politicians staked their careers on it, and won.

The idea of carbon taxation is appreciated because it’s trying to solve a valid, critical problem so it’s worth giving credit that some at least admit there is a problem.  But carbon taxing is the normal players trying to come up with a solution using the same ole processes and procedures.

The truth is that if / when implemented, corporations will simply figure out loopholes and ways to get around it.  That’s not the answer.

Governments should be mobilizing to create a new paradigm.  It’s time for the New Deal of the 21st Century where archaic notions are buried.

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