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Business Is Taking Action on LGBT Rights. Will Climate Change Be Next?

But the current track record of pro-climate lobbying in particular, though growing, is still spotty and lacks the passion behind the moves to support LGBT rights. Let’s go back a few years to another state rule, also in North Carolina and also ridiculous. While writing a new law covering coastal development, the state legislature pointedly ignored a science panel’s estimates on sea level rise. The story flew around the web as a meme that North Carolina made talking about sea level rise illegal. Not 100% accurate, but close enough.So shouldn’t companies pounce on that kind of law, with its shocking level of ignorance and poor strategy, as “bad for business”? After all, rising seas will have a real impact on business and economic development. But the business reaction to the sea level law was nearly nonexistent.

Source: Business Is Taking Action on LGBT Rights. Will Climate Change Be Next?

For some reason the idea of Lobbyists jumping in to try and solve abrupt climate change is almost disturbing. What is the profit for them?  Mother Nature doesn’t pay in cash. And isn’t the never ending pursuit of corporate profits why the whole mess is happening anyway?

The GREENWASHERS like to make look like they’re all environmentalist treehuggers but for all intents and purposes it’s just spin, very little actual change is happening, and so the genuine purpose is public relations and a little bit of feeling good.  That’s what I see.

What do you see?


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