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“Sell” a national wildlife refuge?!! (Show your outrage! Petition)

Editor: If this whole situation with our “representatives” selling off our common goods, parks, refuges, etc, makes you furious then you’ve come to the right post.  Read, sign, share, create your own posts…. let’s stop this nonsense.  Think about it – will you, the average American, see a dime off the selling of any of these?  Absolutely not.  The money goes to more war, more corporate welfare, more destruction. It’s time to tell Bishop and the short term, shallow thinkers like him, that we all have a say in this not just the carpetbagging, profiteering, opportunists.

Rob Bishop Constitution states rights

Can you imagine turning one of Puerto Rico’s most ecologically diverse wildlife refuges — federally protected land that belongs to all Americans — into a beachfront resort or multi-million dollar mansion?

That’s exactly what U.S. Rep. Rob Bishop (Utah) wants to do. 1

He also happens to be chair of the House Natural Resources Committee. Seriously. You can’t make this stuff up.

It’s outrageous and it’s just the most recent attempt to sell off public lands to make a quick buck. Will you take action to stop it?

Right now, Puerto Rico’s Vieques National Wildlife Refuge is under the protection of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, but in the hands of private developers all bets are off. 2

And that’s devastating news for the 14 endangered animals and plants and 190 species of migratory and resident birds that call this pristine habitat home.

Will you send a message to your members of Congress right now, telling them: Our public lands are not for sale. Not one acre.

For years, anti-environmentalists in Washington have allowed our public lands to be drilled, mined, and logged for private profit.

Rep. Bishop has even helped form a “Public Land Action Group” in Congress with a goal of — you guessed it — selling off or giving away federal public lands.

And it’s not just happening in Congress. The Koch-backed American Legislative Exchange Council is pushing state legislatures to seize and sell off federal lands.

In 2012, Utah did just that, sparking a potential million-dollar lawsuit. And now several other Western states might follow their lead.

Our public lands should not be sold off for private profit. Will you take action to stop this terrible idea?

Yes, I’ll add my name to keep our public lands public.

Thanks for making it all possible.


Margie Alt
Environment America Executive Director

1. Utah Congressman Wants To Sell America’s 4th Most Popular Wildlife Refuge To Private Developers, ThinkProgress, April 5, 2016
2. Vieques National Wildlife Refuge, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service


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