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Ending Corporate Hit-and-Runs | Earthjustice

Time and time again, we’ve seen big industrial polluters emit toxic pollution that poisons the people and ecosystems nearby. And time and time again, we’ve seen these polluters walk away from the bill, leaving taxpayers to fund the cleanup and communities to live with the contamination.

That’s not right.

But there’s good news. In a groundbreaking Earthjustice victory following nearly eight years of litigation, the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals ordered the EPA to get moving on rules that will break this cycle. Once finalized, the rules will help ensure that the worst industrial polluters are on the hook for their own messes. By making sure they know they won’t be able to pass the buck to the taxpayers when the time comes, companies will have every reason to clean up their act and avoid making such a mess in the first place.

Source: Ending Corporate Hit-and-Runs | Earthjustice

This was posted back on April 16th, 2016, by Amanda Goodin on the Earthjustice website.  The summary above is perfect but you’ll miss all the really interesting details if you don’t read the whole article.

What a monumental effort to just get this far.  If you ever needed proof that the EPA is barely functioning just read this.  If we ever think anyone will ever police themselves this goes to show just why they won’t.  Not only won’t they but the ones suppose to regulate them are in bed with them. If it weren’t for caring people like environmental activists who knows how much worse it would be…

Thanks to environmental activists in all lines of life and work who care and who keep trying to counter balance those who don’t.  Big thanks to EarthJustice.  The Earth really does need a good lawyer.


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