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Monsanto Takeover? Corporate Cabal’s Control of Food Supply Continues

German chemical giants Bayer AG and BASF SE are both considering takeovers of U.S. seed behemoth Monsanto, according to news reports on Thursday.

Of the potential Bayer takeover of Monsanto, valued at roughly $40 billion, Bloomberg noted that it “would create the world’s largest supplier of seeds and farm chemicals.

“As USA Today reported, “A bid for Monsanto would be just the most recent in a wave of chemical and agribusiness consolidation.”Indeed, in February China National Chemical Corp. (ChemChina) announced it would acquire Swiss pesticide company Syngenta for $43 billion, while DuPont and Dow Chemical announced their merger last year.

Source: Monsanto Takeover? Corporate Cabal’s Control of Food Supply Continues | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community

This post is full of offenders: Monsanto, Bayer, Syngenta, ChemChina, DuPont, Dow –

Give a big round of applause to some of the worst polluters on the planet.  No category for this post except: Psychotic Corporations.   They want to own your food from seed to store.  The power you have to stop this… buy local, grow your own, leave them to rot in their own dead dirt.


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