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The Inevitability Of Unintended Consequences

Why central planning efforts will ultimately backfire

Source: The Inevitability Of Unintended Consequences | Peak Prosperity

I appreciate how two of the examples are environmentally based.  The first about air pollution. The second as follows:

During British colonial rule of India, the government became concerned about the large number of cobras in Delhi. So it issued a bounty on the poisonous snakes, paying a fixed sum for each dead cobra brought in by the public. It didn’t take long for things to start going sideways on this plan. In order to receive more payments, enterprising residents began breeding cobras.

Clearly this was not what the British rulers intended. Once they discovered how their program was being abused, they terminated the bounty scheme. And what happened next? Yep, with no incentive left, the breeders set their now-worthless snakes free. And the cobra problem in Delhi skyrocketed to much greater heights than before the bounty program began. The “solution” had the exact opposite effect as intended.

Environmentalists, depending on your age, have seen examples of this ad nauseam over the decades.   We could all name one.  Take to the comments section and post the one you like best.


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