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Nuclear Expert: Largest amount of Fukushima radiation fell on US West Coast and Pacific — “Why don’t we hear complaints from US?”

  • Now, strontium-90 [Sr-90] has been leaking from Fukushima into the ocean, so it will eventually reach the United States, especially the west coast. This much we are sure of… it is the masses of people who need to realize the impact of the contamination on them. In the case of the Fukushima disaster, for example, they need to be aware that some radioactive material is reaching the North American coast, and the prevailing westerly winds will carry anything released into the atmosphere to the US
  • While we are not really sure [how much radioactive material has leaked from Fukushima] we do know that a portion of this material will ride the prevailing winds across the Pacific Ocean. On the other hand, closer to the ground, the winds will be east, south, and north, and therefore this other portion will fall on Japan―and we can investigate the actual levels here: how much fell on this town, on this prefecture? Adding these up, it seems to be only 2.4 PBq. Which is to say of the total fifteen PBq, 2.4, or roughly only 16%, fell on Japanese soil. If the totals are higher, still a smaller share of the total contamination will have fallen on Japan compared with the Pacific, with the largest portion falling on the west coast of the United States.
  • So why don’t we hear complaints from the US? Why are there no calls for compensation? Whenever someone asks me this, I simply say that there just aren’t any such complaints. Why is this so? Well the levels released by the US during the atmospheric testing were tens of times greater than Fukushima. They are the criminals, so they cannot ask for compensation from Japan. The U.S. government does not want to have to reflect on its own past, and I think they are eager to completely avoid bringing up anything like that conversation.

Source: Nuclear Expert: Largest amount of Fukushima radiation fell on US West Coast and Pacific — “Why don’t we hear complaints from US?”… Officials are criminals and trying to cover it up — Public must be aware even more radiation is coming… “People need to realize impact of contamination on them

Thom Hartmann did report on this in 2014:

Also in 2014 there was a video posted on YouTube which was measuring radiation.  After it was viewed half a million times some investigation happened.

After the video began to go viral last month, local, state and federal officials began to investigate claims that waste from the Fukushima nuclear plant has washed ashore in California. Only now, though, are authorities saying that they have no reason to believe that conditions along the West Coast are unsafe.

The Half Moon Bay Review reported on Friday that government officials conducted tests along California’s Pacific Coast after word of the video began to spread online, but found no indication that radiation levels had reached a hazardous point.

“It’s not something that we feel is an immediate public health concern,” Dean Peterson, the county environmental health director, told the Review. “We’re not even close to the point of saying that any of this is from Fukushima.”   Source:

Not much has changed since then.  Anyone who raises a concern is shot down in one way or another.  In all fairness what could be done?  Other than claim damages as the interviewee mentioned, probably not much.  And also as the interviewee notes, that would be seriously hypocritical given past circumstances.

From 2014:

Some helpful resources and some that continue the narrative to “not worry””

Nuclear Waste Watch Dog –


From 21-Oct-2013:  “28 Signs That The West Coast Is Being Absolutely Fried With Nuclear Radiation From Fukushima”

From 16-Oct-2015: “The West Coast is Still Safe from Fukushima Radiation” by Claudia Geib –

From 9-Dec-2015:  “Highest levels of Fukushima radiation detected off the US West Coast”  Chill out, guys – the ocean’s still safe. By FIONA MACDONALD –
And from 10-March-2016: The story continues that everything is safe -U.S. watches as Fukushima continues to leak radiation by Robert Ferris who states: “But the levels observed near the United States are below — very far below — those set by health and safety standards, and are also far outstripped by naturally occurring radiation.”  –
So this would be why you don’t hear anything from the USA.  Only independent bloggers are calling out any concern.


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