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Rewilding Your Backyard? Certify It with the National Wildlife Federation

Editor: Rewilding is a paradigm shift for most.  In USA urban areas you’re expected to keep your yard clean and tidy.  Gardening and allowing things to grow out of “control” is usually looked down upon.  I go through this myself as neither of my neighbors like my trees or wild hedges but the birds, squirrels and other critters do which makes my yard more interesting than television!  You can do it too. 


Spring brings new changes, like our Certified Wildlife tool. We’ve completely updated the tool and our website to make it easier for you to learn more about gardening for wildlife.

With the launch of our new tool, we’re going back to basics. We’ve told you how to certify, but maybe you’re asking…why? Here are the top 4 reasons you should garden for wildlife.

  1. Help your plants—when you attract pollinators, they’ll fertilize your plants, creating a booming vegetable garden or intensifying your flower bed.
  2. Help wildlife—finding a home is harder to come by with increasing development. When you provide a safe haven, you are protecting animals from dangers like cars, pesticides, and habitat loss.
  3. Help yourself—you can sip your coffee in the morning as you watch hummingbirds and chickadees flit around your yard. What could be more relaxing?
  4. Help the environment—native plants don’t need extra help growing, like pesticides or fertilizers, reducing the impact of chemicals.

So what are you waiting for?

Certify Now »

If you still need some help developing your wildlife-friendly habitat, check out our top tips!

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David Mizejewski
The National Wildlife Federation

P.S. Certify today, and receive a waterproof hummingbird guide for FREE!

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