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BREAKING: Toxic substances in baby food? (Petition)


Tiny, potentially toxic nanoparticles are lurking in baby formula sold by companies like Gerber and Walgreens! These beyond-microscopic materials, including nano-titanium dioxide and nano-silicon dioxide, can enter cells, tissues and organs and may harm our health. These ingredients have no business being in our babies’ food!

Sign the petition: Tell baby formula companies to remove risky nanoparticles from their products!

Friends of the Earth commissioned independent laboratory analysis of formulas produced by Enfamil, Similac, Gerber (Nestlé) and Well Beginnings (Walgreens). Our groundbreaking research found tiny, engineered nanoparticles in six of the most popular baby formulas sold in the United States. Recent science says that these substances are likely toxic for humans and other living things. At the nanoscale (one billionth of a meter!), the properties of familiar substances differ from those in larger particle form. In fact, one of the nanomaterials we found in Gerber, Well Beginnings and Enfamil formulas — nano-hydroxyapatite — was found to be potentially toxic by the European Union Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety. The Committee concluded that it should not be used in toothpaste, mouthwashes and other cosmetics. So it should certainly not be used in baby formula!

Demand that Gerber, Enfamil, Similac and Well Beginnings (Walgreens) remove these engineered ingredients from their products!

Nanoparticles have been added to hundreds of consumer products, from sunscreen to food and household products, without proper safety assessment or regulations. The FDA isn’t even requiring that companies label products containing nanomaterials!

We need the FDA to step up. But we can get nanomaterials out of baby formula NOW. Formula companies will listen to people like you. That’s why we need you to sign the petition today to tell these companies to stop using nanoparticles in their products!Take action now! Tell baby formula companies to get rid of potentially toxic nanoparticles in their products!

Standing with you,

Ian Illuminato,

Health and environment campaigner,

Friends of the Earth

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