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If Monsanto Disappears, Will It Matter? : The Salt : NPR

Monsanto has swallowed many other companies — especially seed companies — over the years, which helped build its fearsome reputation.Now, however, comes news that Monsanto might go from swallower to swallowee. Bayer, a German-based company that’s probably best known as the inventor of aspirin, has offered to buy Monsanto for $42 billion. Bayer is a much bigger company than Monsanto because it also owns large divisions that make pharmaceuticals and industrial chemicals.The proposed deal faces big obstacles. Bayer’s stock dropped by 8 percent on the news. Shareholders evidently weren’t happy about the idea of taking on a load of debt to finance the deal. Monsanto may also be unhappy. One analyst called Bayer’s offer “insulting” and predicted that Monsanto’s owners would demand a much higher price.Still, it’s interesting to contemplate the potential impact, if the deal went through. In raw business terms, it would continue a dramatic wave of consolidation among the companies that sell seeds and pesticides to farmers. Two other such deals are currently in the works. DuPont is merging with Dow, and the China National Chemical Corporation is buying Syngenta, which is currently the world’s biggest seller of agricultural chemicals.

Source: If Monsanto Disappears, Will It Matter? : The Salt : NPR

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these are mostly despised corporations by environs anyway.

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