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John Perkins | Chief Economist, Author, & Activist | Victories for Water Conservation Spur Action

Who benefits from polluted water and the destruction of the environment? In the long run no one. In the short term those at the top of the pyramid appear to benefit, at least materially. Oil and gas companies get as much as they can out of the areas they’re fracking, and then move on to the next area.

Some of these companies even target poorer areas to frack, because they believe those people don’t have the financial resources to challenge them. There must be policies in place to protect and help these areas that face the fracking industrial complex, and we must help get the word out through social media, protests or whichever form of help and support we feel most passionate about. Individual groups of people and their land must not be targeted for the profit of others and have their land and water tainted.

Our gas heating costs might be lower in the short term due to fracking, but at what cost to our health and the Earth? We must dream of an economy that cleans up polluted waters, soil and air. The future well-being of the planet and its people is formed by our response today.

Source: John Perkins | Chief Economist, Author, & Activist | Victories for Water Conservation Spur Action

John Perkins is the Economic Hitman whistleblower.   His latest book, The New Confessions of an Economic Hitman should be read by all activists in order to broaden their understanding of how USA politics and corporations function in the world.  Warning – it will disgust you.

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