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Michigan conservatives make it ILLEGAL for Coastal Muskegon to clean its waterways

All of a sudden these lazy Michigan senators had nothing but time to slap down any Michigan community that wanted to regulate the sale of plastic bags.I live here in Muskegon, Michigan. It’s a coastal community along the coast of Lake Michigan. If you haven’t been to the Great Lakes….the coast of Lake Michigan is more like being on the coast of an ocean than a lake. You can’t see across it. Freighters come and go bringing goods from around the world. It’s fucking huge. And Muskegon has the largest deep water port on Lake Michigan. It’s a huge inland lake that was subjected to a century of industrial crap. We try desperately to clean up this lake and reinvent our community’s image as a post industrial city. And we ARE a post industrial city. Think a smaller Detroit with some of the largest foundries in the country at one point creating engine blocks for almost every automobile in the country. During WWII we created the engine blocks for tanks and our foundaries worked 24/7 creating the machines that beat back the Nazis….and our city paid the price, ecologically and economically and socialogically when the end of the war came. We are a coastal Great Lakes post industrial community trying to reinvent ourselves and leave behind a legacy of industrialism. And one of our struggles is to keep our waterways clean an clear of a constant barrage of plastic shit littering our shorelines.Dammit we have all worked our asses off to restore our industrially abused waterways….every year hundreds of volunteers come to clean our shorelines of plastic shit that winds blow into our waters. Year after year after year. And every year it’s the same shit. Plastic bags. Plastic food containers. Just plain garbage blown in from the winds. So what do we do? We try to regulate the sale of the shit piling up on our shores and what does the State of Michigan do?Our conservative legislature tries to make a law making it ILLEGAL for our town to regulate plastic waste!!! The same conservative schmoes who pretend to give a crap about local control and government overreach.

Source: Michigan conservatives make it ILLEGAL for Coastal Muskegon to clean its waterways

But of course!!!!!  Surprised?  Really?

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