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Last Word on Harambe

The very first thought I had when I heard the news was: How the fuck did a 4 year old child get into a gorilla exhibit?

Of course they had to kill him.  Unless the Dear had just sat there drooling and posing no threat there was no other choice because to choose otherwise would mean choosing against the established thought on what must be done in such circumstances.

In this culture (not true all around the world) the human’s life must be saved.  This extends to our elderly who lay dying in nursing home; lives extended, quality of life non-existent.   It extends into a woman’s uterus – achieving stunning new levels each year.  So, come on, who was that gorilla compared to a human child?

It’s true, the next tug could have smacked the kid’s head against the concrete – The End.   But Harambe was never given the chance to prove his stuff even though the child was in there with him for ten minutes. The kids life was much more important than his but that’s not all.  Had the child died ….  CHA CHING for the parents despite their incredibly neglectful behavior.    There would be law suits and all that comes with that.  Everyone would have made money off that except the Zoo.  So, as much as he may have hated it, he just knew he had to do it.

But this is not the end of the story.

The global outrage about this is truly inspiring. When I was a child there would not have been such an outcry.  Things are changing.

What needs to happen next is all the gorillas need to move to a sanctuary. They need to stop being revenue generators for the zoo and given peace.

When I was very little I remember going to the Bronx Zoo.  I remember going to the Central Park Zoo.  I hated it.  The pacing cats … anyone could see how horribly they lived. Over populated monkey houses smelling like shit and probably dodging some too.  But when I was little, that was the only way to see.  There was that.  There were photos.  There were TV shows like Walt Disney Animal Kingdom.  Zoos were left-overs from when there wasn’t even  TV and you could only read about.

Today we need to be honest about what IS the real purpose of Zoos.  They’re glorified methods of research.  And if you’re a really great Zoo you include the local kids in programs too!!  But haven’t there been enough Zoo incidents now?  Remember the mom dangling (then dropping) her kid over a cheetah?  There are plenty others, search this site for ZOO or find the tag in the footer.

Zoos and Circuses need to sunset, go bye bye, sayonara dudes – let’s focus on saving animals where they live, their habitat, their food.

Right now Orangutans are burning because of palm oil in your junk food or because you want nice soft toilet paper.  No shit, man. Look it up.


A trip to the Bronx Zoo today is a pretty penny.  If you think Zoos are archaic and glorified research then spend your money somewhere else.  Find a proper charity and help those orangutans, for example.

Harambe has found 15 minutes of fame in his tragic death. I’m so glad so many care so deeply.  I believe something good and long lasting will come from it.

To Those who may find some comfort in the attitude and words of Jane Goodall, here is a link to her correspondence about Harambe to Thane Maynard, Director of the Cincinnati Zoo … what better final word than hers?  Source:

Click to access 2796_001.pdf



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