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SeaWorld killer whale Morgan attempted suicide, beached herself at Tenerife park | SEAWORLD the show is over! Empty the Tanks!!!!!!!

‘She looked like she was trying to take her own life’: Save Morgan, @SeaWorld #EmptyTheTanks!  (Petition)


Source: SeaWorld killer whale Morgan lying motionless after beaching herself at Tenerife park | Daily Mail Online

Of course she was trying to kill herself. Whales are sentient beings! How dumb do you have to be to not understand that they have feelings, families, communities.  They are super intelligent.  They know what is going on….
I am so so so please that people were shocked.  That people saw for themselves a glimpse into another beings “flippers” if you will.
But Morgan isn’t a new capture. She’s been suffering a long time along with the others that are imprisoned at Tenerife.  There have been many petitions over the last four years to end this.  Will their release happen in time?
Here is one that’s getting alot of signatures today but was started in 2010 which is when she was captured.  Please sign:
Here is a page dedicated to FREE MORGAN
 where you can find additional information.
Please we have to stop Sea World.  We also need to stop the endless sonic blasting.  Activists, there are so many different orgazations you can join to help.
This is just heartbreaking.
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