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Deepwater spill pollution lingers on seabed – SciDev.Net

Future clean-ups need to delve deeper to prevent lasting damage to ocean wildlife.

Source: Deepwater spill pollution lingers on seabed – SciDev.Net

Matt Simmons, a well known industry insider, wrote a blog post and explained how the sea bed floor was all cracked up from the different drilling that’s part of why the accident happened.  And there are seeping leaks everywhere.   He also said the deepwater leak would never stop 100%.  Too deep. Too difficult.  Too tricky.

Matt Simmons is dead now. He died not too long after that.  Had a heart attack in his hot tub.


I’m not quite sure what is the point of this article in SciDev.Net.  The study is not named or linked and the “other studies link” goes to something dated as 2014.  This article references nothing more recent than 2014.

I believe what Matt wrote.

I believe the Gulf of Mexico, with the once gorgeous WHITE sands, is now one hot mess.   You can see the shrimp that come from there. They don’t even try to hide it much anymore.  Obama lied and told everyone it was fine and come on in and swim!  Ask a local resident for some names of people who’ve died.   Ask around to find the few doctors that will even talk to you about it.  Better yet ask why the government collaborated with B.P. to obfuscate what was going on, especially in regards to Corexit, and to harrass and or abuse anyone trying to report on the situation.

It’s all easy to forget now and no one hardly ever talks about it not even locals because their families and friendships have fallen apart because they talked about it too much.  They suffer a type of PTSD.   But hey – The whole oilpocalyse has been great for DAWN hasn’t it?

And even this article – look at the second line – absolutely assumes more spills, FUTURE CLEANUPS oops,  and wouldn’t it be ridiculous not to?  But we all know that a bit of  delving a little deeper will fix that.  Right.

So, is there still oil on the Gulf of Mexico seabed?   You betcha.

BTW that video of Matt Simmons is no longer available on Youtube.


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