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Why Some Conservationists Approve the Killing of a Wolf Pack | TakePart

She said that killing wolves can cost thousands of dollars per animal, while relocating cattle to non-wolf habitat would be much more cost effective.Weiss noted that two of the living wolves have tracking collars, paid for by taxpayers.“There’s something very grotesque about this,” she said. “These are what are known at Judas collars because the wolves betray their families. They lead the killers back to where their family members are.“The collars were paid for at public expense to help recover the species,” Weiss said, “and now they’re being used as a bull’s-eye to kill them.”

Source: Why Some Conservationists Approve the Killing of a Wolf Pack | TakePart

So instead of the cattle ranchers taking the hit for the costs the tax payers are many of them are 100% against this action.  What a farce.  I know a farmer who had his own pack of DOGS, dogs that lived around the house most of the day, but then they started bringing down some of his cattle. The farmer split them up, put them in homes, and all was well.  This American thing of KILLING KILLING KILLING is barbaric and utterly disgusting. No wonder everything is falling apart when no one can figure out how to live with other sentient beings OF ANY SPECIES.

And don’t be fooled, just because some group or some person calls themselves a “conservationist” doesn’t mean they think about animals and landbases in a sustainable, co-cohabiting, compassionate way.


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