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Conviction of Feisal Ali Mohammed | African Wildlife Foundation

The African Wildlife Foundation is elated with the landmark court ruling in which Feisal Ali Mohammed, the godfather of illegal ivory trade was found guilty and sentenced to 20 years imprisonment.

The ruling in the country’s largest ivory trafficking case signifies Kenya’s commitment in dealing firmly with all forms of transnational organized crimes through enacting strict and punitive legislation for wildlife crime prosecution regardless of the party, status, nationality or relationship of criminals involved. It is an affirmation of African nations in implementing moratoriums on the ivory trade that send unambiguous messages about trade during the poaching crisis and an audible African voice for saving the continent’s iconic species from imminent extinction.

“Kenya is moving toward a zero tolerance approach to wildlife crime and has stepped up anti-poaching efforts by the Kenya Wildlife Service and its conservation partners to reduce elephant poaching over the past several years, ” said Kaddu Sebunya, President of the African Wildlife Foundation. Mr. Sebunya added that strengthening legal mechanisms that ensure zero-tolerance to wildlife poaching and trafficking will ensure African elephants endure forever.

Source: Conviction of Feisal Ali Mohammed | African Wildlife Foundation

Could not be happier about this one going into the slammer!


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