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Did Japan Just Win the Whale Wars? NOPE – they just won this battle, not the war!

“We are independent and separate entities, and people in Australia and Europe are quite offended that the U.S. would presume to have any jurisdiction over that,” Watson said. “These are Dutch-registered ships owned by a European entity in Australian waters going after Japanese fishermen. What possible jurisdiction could they have? It only covers Sea Shepherd USA’s involvement.

”The U.S. group’s general counsel, Peter Rysman, concurred with that interpretation.

“We will not operate a campaign in the Southern Ocean, nor will we cooperate or encourage or facilitate in any campaign by the other Sea Shepherd entities,” Rysman said. “If we were to act in concert with them, we would be found in contempt of the injunction. That’s why we won’t.”

Source: Did Japan Just Win the Whale Wars? | TakePart

Time for someone else to step up and meanwhile Watson will move on to other waters to continue what he does best.  This is SO WRONG that there is no doubt at all that someone else WILL step up.


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