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Dakota Access Pipeline Still A Go, CEO Kelcy Warren Says – Law360

Law360, New York (September 13, 2016, 6:57 PM EDT) — The CEO of the company behind the $3.8 billion Dakota Access pipeline told employees Tuesday that the company intends to finish the project, despite the federal government’s decision to pause construction at a site in North Dakota amid opposition from the Standing Rock Sioux tribe and others.

“We are committed to completing construction and safely operating the Dakota Access Pipeline within the confines of the law,” Energy Transfer Partners LP chairman and CEO Kelcy Warren, whose company owns pipeline developer Dakota Access Pipeline LLC, said in…

Source: Dakota Access Pipeline Still A Go, CEO Says – Law360

Well, as we have seen over and over again – these companies, if they fail, try try try try try again. They rename their projects, they obfuscate what they’re doing.  They break them down into smaller projects to try and fool the public and get what they want anyway.  Or they pick a new route which won’t make as many people upset. They get politicians in their pockets, one way or another, and they convince people by promising them good paying jobs! So, of course it’s still a go.

More about Mr Kelcy Warren of Dallas, Texas:

A letter from the company building the 1,172-mile project was sent to its employees and the media Tuesday morning with the signature of CEO Kelcy Warren. It offered a spirited defense of the safety of the pipeline, an insistence on the company’s commitment to finish the job and a dismissal of objections raised by American Indian tribal leaders and environmentalists.

The letter also says the company will “work to communicate with the government and media more clearly in the days to come.”


That means they’re about to crank up the super-duper PR machine which all the mainstream media will pick up and share repeatedly.  Trying to convince all of us how safe pipelines are.

Check out this .pdf from the Iowa chapter of The Sierra Club.  IF you check the Energy Transfer Partner plan against what Sierra Club recommends you’ll see they’re far from being in synch.

It’s important to remember that these companies have a job to do and that is move oil and all the other products across the country to ports for shipping to other countries, they’re not even usually for use in the USA which means all the risk and consequences are saddled on the residents when a spill or leak happens.  Mr Warren doesn’t have to worry about his drinking water or the health of the land where his kids go to school, does he?  Remember that nitwit from BP who whined about how he wanted his life back – he was tired of hearing from everyone about how horrible the gulf oil spill was and was ready to get back to his ultra privileged life.  It’s time this crud stopped.



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