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How Costa Rica went without fossil fuels – Business Insider

Costa Rica recently made headlines when its state-run utility company said it had gone a full 76 days without using fossil fuels, beating their own record of 75 days last March. It’s the longest historical record for a country powering itself entirely on renewables.

Most of the country’s renewable power is geothermal (the country is a hotspot for volcanoes, which engineers can tap and siphon to the grid) but sizeable portions are hydroelectric. The remainder are wind and solar. Keep in mind that its small population — just under 4.9 million — means it doesn’t have to generate as much energy as most nations.

The country also has plans to be entirely carbon neutral (meaning it would put out just as much carbon as its forests and other carbon-sucking resources suck in) by 2021. They first began working toward this goal in the 90s, when the government taxed fossil fuels and put 3.5% of all that money towards its national forests.

Source: How Costa Rica went without fossil fuels – Business Insider

It CAN be done!


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