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FWC investigates sea turtle Snapchat |

FWC is looking for a woman who picked up a sea turtle hatchling on its way to the water on Longboat Key.

Source: FWC investigates sea turtle Snapchat |

A newly hatched baby sea turtle desperately flails its flippers, as its captor holds the hatchling in front of the blinding light of a recording phone for a dizzying close-up. After tossing the tiny turtle to the ground, the captor blocks any attempt at escape.

This kind of treatment – captured proudly in a Snapchat 1 video – can be deadly.   – OCEANA


Idiots, in their narcissistic quest for LIKES and VIEWS, continue to exploit wildlife.  This sort of thing should be investigated, the person found, and prosecuted.  How else will they get the message?  And anyone who sees this type of behavior on any social media should condemn it.  Condemn the idiots who wear fur as well.

If you want to help with donations – Oceana is a decent cause:

Nesting season is nearing its end along the United States southeast coast, and it’s on all of us to save sea turtles like this hatchling from the brink of extinction.

We’re launching an urgent end-of-summer campaign to protect sea turtles, dolphins and our oceans from the monumental threats they face, and we need you with us. To keep our work going strong, we need to reach $27,000 by midnight, Saturday.

Donate now to further Oceana’s work to save threatened and endangered sea turtles from the brink of extinction >>




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