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A plea for help about radioactive water in Florida while everyone is mesmerized by the Jolie-Pitt Split

In a world gone mad the most important things seem to be completely ignored. Case in point, this comment in the Daily Mail in response to the split up of a famous couple:

Diana, Sunnyvale, United States, about 2 seconds ago

Hey DM, you have all those RESOURCES!! WHY DONT YOU SEND YOUR REPORTERS TO FIND OUT WHAT IS HAPPENING HERE IN FLORIDA??? The FL EPA won’t answer our questions , they say that only people near the sinkhole are being affected!! ( What a lie!) 25 million gallons of radioactive water SPILT into our AQUAFER!!! Are we safe??? Can we consume the water?????? Everyone is keeping quiet, like the danger miraculously dissapered!!! The halftime for the radioactive particles is 1800 YEARS!!!!:'( PLEASE USE YOUR RESOURCES AND HELP BRING THE TRUTH TO TENS OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE!!! WE DESPERATELY NEED TO KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON!!!

it’s time we started paying attention to the most important things happening in our world and stop allowing ourselves to be divided by the media and other factors.


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