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Nestle can keep piping water from national forest, despite outdated permit

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. — A federal judge has ruled that a permit allowing Nestle to pipe water out of the San Bernardino National Forest is valid, despite the fact that the permit listed 1988 as the expiration date and was never renewed.

The decision is a major blow for environmental groups that sued to stop Nestle from siphoning water out of public lands then sell it back to the public as bottled water.

“We are disappointed — very disappointed — in the ruling,” said Michael O’Heaney, executive director of The Story of Stuff Project, who said his group and others are considering an appeal. “The idea that 28 years in inaction on the Forest Service’s part is considered reasonable, and perfectly fine with the court, is outrageous.”

Source: Nestle can keep piping water from national forest, despite outdated permit

(Photo: Jay Calderon/The Desert Sun)

I’m guessing that if I had a permit that had expired it would not be honored by anyone including, especially, a federal judge.  Yet one more example of how corporations get special treatment.

And as if that were not bad enough think about what this really means.  Nestle is siphoning water out of PUBLIC LANDS and selling it back to people!!!

If that’s not FUBAR i don’t know what is.


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