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Want to Slow Climate Change? Stop Having Babies, Bioethicist Travis Rieder Says – Bloomberg

Carbon dioxide doesn’t kill climates; people do. And the world would be better off with fewer of them.

That’s a glib summary of a serious and seriously provocative book by Travis Rieder, a moral philosophy professor and bioethicist at Johns Hopkins University.

When economists write about climate change, they’ll often bring up something called the Kaya identity—basically a multiplication problem (not an espionage novel) that helps economists estimate how much carbon dioxide may be heading into the atmosphere.

Source: Want to Slow Climate Change? Stop Having Babies, Bioethicist Travis Rieder Says – Bloomberg

So many things to say about this article –

Firstly – it’s a serious flaw to omit that it’s Americans and China who are driving the fossil fuel usage.

Next – it’s a well known fact that in countries like the USA, Germany, etc – the birth rate is NOT growing but has been shrinking.  This is something economists do not like because that’s less people feeding the machine. This was a premise used to justify bringing in migrants.  And exactly who are having all those babies (besides the Duggars and people who can’t keep it wrapped up like Mick Jagger) migrants.

And having economists worry about CO2 is like having the fox worry about the number of hens in the hen house.

No doubt homo sapiens have bloomed in population and no doubt that is the systemic cause of our issues but this article is not even worth a read.

Just like any species – when you have a bloom in their food supply you have a bloom in species population.  It’s a bubble that will burst.

If you don’t understand how these dots connect you must have missed the late Michael C Ruppert’s truth telling in the documentary: Collapse

Here ya go – catch up

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