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Pioneer Values Still Alive and Well

When the Facebook post first appeared online in late August, it seemed like a hoax. A small business in Canada was offering free land as a signing bonus for new employees. Even the sweetest of Silicon Valley perks—free meals, climbing walls, laundry pick-up services, egg-freezing benefits—seem less enticing than a piece of earth to call…

via A company is giving away free land to new recruits — Quartz

This is an inspiring story of a small business who offered land in exchange for loyal employees.  The thousands who applied are not only willing to relocate they are also willing to swap the pursuit of a large income for their own little plot of land.  Reminds me of the USA Western pioneers.  And it stands in sharp contrast to the 250,000 people who applied for jobs with Goldman Sachs this year.  It may be only 20,000 who applied for the small business and land but wow that’s still 20,000!   People want this and people also want democracy in the work place – to own part of the business, to own some of the fruits of their own labors.  It is inspiring for sure.


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