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9/11 Truth 15 Years Later: Jenna Orkin on EPA Lies and the Legacy of 9/11 Investigator Michael Ruppert

This week’s Global Research News Hour, the latest in a series devoted to the 15th anniversary of the September 11 terror attacks examines the U.S. government’s environmental watchdog’s crimes with special guest Jenna Orkin.

Jenna Orkin is a Resident of New York City and was one of the first to question the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s assertions that the air in Lower Manhattan following the 9/11 attacks was safe to breathe. She went on to co-found the World Trade Center Environmental Organization as well as other Lower Manhattan activist organizations that revealed and testified to the government’s lies. She presented her research at the Citizen’s 9/11 Omission Hearings in New York in September of 2004. (see video below.) 

Her writing has appeared in Counterpunch as well as, the newsletter created by 9/11 investigator Michael C Ruppert. Orkin is the author of The Moron’s Guide to Global Collapse as well as Scout: A Memoir of Investigative Journalist Michael C. Ruppert, with Against the Dying of the Light.

Over the course of the hour, Orkin recounts her experiences on the day of the attacks, describes some of the toxic content in the World Trade Centre debris, and explains how and why the U.S. EPA deliberately misled New Yorkers, particularly first responders, as to the hazardous conditions they were exposed to in the days following the collapses of the towers. Later on, she comments on her close association and friendship with Michael Ruppert. As she does in her 2014 book, Orkin makes an effort to humanize a man seen by many today as a hero and a giant within the 9/11 Truth movement.

Listen here: 4319-1-GRNH_Sept_23__2016_episode_152_session_mixdown.mp3

An environmental activist who talks about her 9/11 and the environmental aftermath, how government lies, and observations on Michael C Ruppert.  Well worth the listen.


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