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Restore wild bison

Native wild animals have the least impact on ecosystems. While cattle plod along in line with one another, bison dance their own unique steps across the landscape, and don’t develop deep rutted grooves that can erode soil like cattle do. As toxic invasive species invade rangeland and can no longer be controlled, domestic cattle are less likely to be able to cope. So let’s bring the bison back now, so our descendants can once again hunt them on horseback a century (or less) from now.

Source: Restore wild bison | Peak Energy & Resources, Climate Change, and the Preservation of Knowledge

We should restore all wildlife where ever possible including urban back yards.  It’s time, past time, for a paradigm shift whereas before we felt the power and pressure to cut and tame nature to our ideas of what a proper backyard should look like to now where we cultivate and nurture nature to take the upper hand.


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