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Did you know you can Check Hazardous Pollution Information In Your Community, State, or all of USA

Cleanups in My Community (CIMC) enables you to map and list hazardous waste cleanup locations and grant areas, and drill down to details about those cleanups and grants and other, related information. This page provides several ways to get started.

Source: Cleanups in My Community | Cleaning Up Our Land, Water and Air | US EPA

Or show the national map for only:

Once you see the interactive CIMC map, you can zoom, pan and make other adjustments.  Click on map items to access more information.  Additional options under “other data” and “basemaps” along with the “legend” on the right-hand side of the map include:

  • Impaired waters
  • Water monitoring stations
  • Air pollution areas
  • Toxic Release Inventory locations
  • Congressional districts
  • Tribal areas
  • Various basemaps

Mapping hints and how tos

It is simply stunning to see how many there are… see for yourself.


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