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Abrupt Climate Change * The Hard Truth

Published on Oct 9, 2016

Over and over the solution to abrupt climate change always needs to be in a way to keep this “heat engine” (check my other video with Professor Tim Garrett) of industrial civilization going. All civilizations have failed before us, and this, the most destructive civilization of all, will for sure. There is no solution to death. Most people forget that only Mother Nature could give us a solution, if any. One solution is like Mike Sliwa said, “stop controlling”. There is no controlling Mother Nature. YES, there is a solution for abrupt climate change, “to help and let Mother Nature be”. I think the message from Dr. Guy McPherson is the best way going forward in dealing with this subject, and as he says, “some species might make it thru the bottle neck of extinction, and you can help”.

If there is a solution it will NOT be done by us Humans but by Mother Nature alone, without our interference. If there is a 0.001% chance of a solution, it will again be only this, “to let Mother Nature be and help Mother Nature do it’s own thing in any possible way and see what happens”. I personally don’t see any way out of this predicament, Mother Nature is in charge of us all. But if you can’t live without a solution, then i recommend helping the living planet. If you want a goal going forward in life, i recommend following and maybe joining the green resistance movements and helping the species that surround you (check my other video “A Last Stand” featuring Derrick Jensen). This is not about the future of civilization but about the future of the living planet. Don’t be hubris like the rest of the population. Let us be nature’s warriors. All of us will die at some point, there is no escape. Thanks for watching.


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