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Climate scientist Michael Mann’s new book says climate denial is ‘driving us crazy’

In their new book, The Madhouse Effect, renowned climate scientist Michael Mann and Washington Post cartoonist Tom Toles dive into the science and politics of global warming. The authors sat down with Nexus Media to share their insights. This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

How do you think cartoons can improve the conversation about climate change?

Tom Toles: Humor is certainly a part of it. One of the challenges in climate change is it’s not a funny subject. Humor tends to either be reassurance humor or attack humor — and political cartooning tends to be more along the attack lines. In that regard, there have certainly been a large number of targets, people who have been in the way of progress.

Read the entire interview at the source: Climate scientist Michael Mann’s new book says climate denial is ‘driving us crazy’

This book is published via Columbia University Press.  Columbia is also where the Earth Institute lives.   The Earth Institute does some good like (probably) assisting in getting a book like this published but if you check their Board of Directors not a single one is an Earth scientist.  They’re all entrenched in politics and economics; Warren Buffett’s grandson included. You an go HERE to see a list of members of the standing committees of the Earth Institute faculty, all of whom are from the Columbia University community. Clicking on a member’s name takes you to a short curriculum vitae.

It is these sorts of connections that give deniers the ammo they need to continue to claim that Mann is a schill for global warming investors who give scientists their grant monies.  At this stage with ample evidence smart people should have moved on from that but not all have. Truth is place like the Earth Institute aren’t going to save much because it won’t take students out of the current paradigm.  It will continue to teach free market capitalism opportunities which will be too little to late.

Back to the book. You can get a very good idea about the contents by having a look inside the book at   Every little bit helps, right?


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