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Sea ice video addresses key questions – Yale Climate Connections

“We just don’t have much ice left in the Arctic,” Scambos says.

So what’s it matter?

Texas Tech University scientist Katharine Hayhoe asks rhetorically. “That’s up there. Why does that matter to us?”

She and the other scientists answer that question by illustrating how the warming in the Arctic is leading to changes in the jet stream that drives the weather in the U.S. and elsewhere around the globe. “That is leading to more extreme heat waves, storms, and cold,” says Meier. Making warm weather warmer and cool weather cooler, and changing storm patterns across the U.S.

As one scientist sums things up, “There’s pretty good evidence starting to mount now that it is related to the ongoing reduction of sea ice in the Northern Hemisphere.”

Source: Sea ice video addresses key questions – Yale Climate Connections

See for yourself:

I have to imagine that for many of these scientists it must be hard to sleep at night knowing the drastic changes happening right now in our lifetime and all the unknowns that we face now and in the near and long-term future because of our own behaviors and actions.


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