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As the Salton Sea’s decline looms, a rush to cover up dry lakebed

State officials committed more than a decade ago to take charge of efforts to address the impacts of the water transfer at the Salton Sea. After years of delays, state officials are now working on a plan and have budgeted more than $80 million to start building canals and wetlands along portions of the shore. The federal government has also stepped in, announcing $30 million this year to support projects at the sea.

All of the money committed so far, though, will be minuscule compared to the colossal changes that are about to unfold at California’s largest lake, which over the next 15 years is set to shrink dramatically. The Salton Sea’s ecosystem, sustained for more than a century by Colorado River water running off farmland, is also in danger of collapsing as rising salinity threatens to wipe out the fish that have made the lake a critical stop-off point for migrating birds.

Source: As the Salton Sea’s decline looms, a rush to cover up dry lakebed

Imagine if – at least a decade ago – they’d decided to do something about Abrupt Climate Change?

California is in a world of hurt when it comes to water and it’s only going to get worse. They better get busy on ocean desalination plants that are solar powered!


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