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Hillary Clinton’s True Position Regarding TPP via the Podesta Emails – wikileaks

Source: WikiLeaks – The Podesta Emails

Last paragraph in the first attachment:

Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson

I have received four calls from labor about a district meeting that Congresswoman Johnson (a HRC public supporter) held in Dallas, Texas where she discussed TPP. She claimed in the meeting that she speaks with HRC 2-3 times a week and that she was told by the Secretary that the only reason she opposes TPP is to get “labor off her back” and that once she is elected President she will reverse position. I have worked with our Western Political Director Jessica Meija, and she has connected with the Congresswoman’s COS to clarify the inaccuracy of what she said and push back on her comments. This was not helpful with labor.

Note that Podesta comments on the reaction by Labor NOT the inaccuracy of her position. By her own record, by her links to Wall Street, her actions have always supported globalization trade, etc. She will be for trade agreements like TPP even if they’re not in the TPP original language. 


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