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Susan Sarandon has gotten on board with the Green party

“We’ve been voting for the lesser of two evils for too long,” the actress said. “The good news, if you want some good news, is that everybody’s so frustrated that at least we’re awake.”So, Sarandon told the Green Party that she is on board with them now. Looks like we can expect Susan Sarandon to be one of the two percent of America voting for Jill Stein.

Source: Susan Sarandon has a harsh message for the Democrat Party it’s not going to like | BizPac Review

You have to wonder where the Green party would be if it were given an equal footing to the big TWO.  We deserve real choices in our election or it’s all must propaganda and control.  Everyone is sick and tired of trying to choose between the lesser evil… it’s not elections it’s a show.  Who knows show biz better than her?  She’s a celeb so she gets the platform to say it, but everyone is feeling it.


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