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NASA: ‘Planetary warming does not care about the election’

Dr. Gavin Schmidt, the director of NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, wants everyone to know that our current man-made global warming is indifferent to politics:

Climatologists actually predicted this latest “jump” in global temperatures.

There is “a vast and growing body of research,” Climate Central explained in February 2015, indicating that “humanity is about to experience a historically unprecedented spike in temperatures.” One 2015 study concluded that we could even see Arctic warming rise an alarming 1°F (0.56°C) per decade by the next decade.

Source: NASA: ‘Planetary warming does not care about the election’

Politicians in the USA just don’t care. For them they’ve cultivated a belief based on influence not on science and they’re happy to live with it despite the fact they have children and grandchildren who will reap the consequences.  This has been going on for 30+ years now.  It will only be the people, banding together and making difference choices than the ones being forced on them, who will make the changes needed.

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