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Bruce Lipton’s Inspiring Message for the Election Weary and Post Election Frightened

Have you met Bruce Lipton?  If not, let me introduce him to you.  I first learned about him and the science of epigenetics a few years ago when I watched a YouTube video called: Biology of Belief.  Here was a scientist who had amazing knowledge to share.  I wouldn’t be overstating it to say his views changed my life because the solidified my own views about how extensively our thoughts can genuinely control our own life.  I bought and read his book and I became a follower for life (barring any unforeseen tomfoolery!).   I get regularly updates via his newsletter and this one was received this morning and absolutely, once again, reinforces what I’ve been thinking and sharing here with regard to the election and post election results.  Check him out. Sign up for his newsletter (link at the end).  Take inspiration and seek out the groups you can join to help bring about the changes we so desperately need for the planet and our own survival!

Dear Friends, Imaginal Cells and Seekers,

A dear friend Hali wrote suggesting I send out some words about the election results. In this regard, I will respect some programming emphasized by my mother, “If you can’t say anything nice about something, don’t say anything at all.”

With Light and Love,

Just joking. In actuality I have something good to say about Donald Trump’s presidency.

The Good News …  Seriously?????

Recognize that we are in a period of major evolutionary upheaval. It is a scientific reality that human behavior is currently precipitating the planet’s sixth Mass Extinction. Research recently revealed that over 60% of the world’s fish and animal population present in 1970 has now been lost. The survival of human civilization is directly tied to the fate of the failing web of life. What can we look forward to?

As Steve and I described in Spontaneous Evolution, a sustainable civilization cannot be built on society’s current foundation. For Humanity to survive, civilization as we know it must come to an end. When perceived from that point of view, the ominous future we’re sensing is actually “good” news. The impending crises can provoke and activate a numbed-out population to awaken and take charge of their evolutionary destiny.

Many of our past elections have been based on selecting the lesser of two evils. I personally perceive that this time the choices we were provided with were equally evil. It was like choosing between Al Capone and Adolph Hitler, a choice to select between a corrupt gangster and a racist dictator. Had Hillary won, the greed-based corporate-controlled Democratic Party would have slowly bled the life out of the economy. In contrast, Trump’s presidency will radically accelerate an imminent environmental and social upheaval, which will collectively provide civilization with the opportunity to redefine its purpose and mission.

The election process was analogous to removing a bandage from a traumatized wound. One can do it either very slowly and extend the pain over a period of time, or one can grit their teeth and instantly rip the bandage off. Trump’s presidency will likely invoke the latter response, for his social and environmental platform will hopefully incite a complacent Millennial Generation to take action.

While I find Trump’s racial and religious attacks abhorrent and immoral, I am more concerned about his anti-science campaign. Social injustices can be resolved rather rapidly in contrast to reversing the generational consequences of destroying and polluting the environment. By denying climate change, eliminating the EPA, increasing coal and petroleum production and consumption, the environmental damages potentiated by Trump’s vision to make America “great again,” will scar the planet for generations and hasten our own demise.

As I have written about many times before, evolution is not a passive process. Sitting in your easy chair and waiting for a new dawn will not save our world. We are being called to roll-up our sleeves and take action. We must become participants. Hopefully, the consequences of this election will kick the Millennial Generation out of its malaise and shine a light on the false and disempowering belief that voting doesn’t matter. Remember though, you are always voting whether it’s with your food and purchase choices, media selections, and what you do with your time.

In this regard, there are bright Lights in the political arena that do offer potential for a healthy, peaceful resolution of today’s threatening images. For example, humanitarians Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris are powerful women politicians whose visions can help our world thrive.

Science has been warning us of our perilous march toward mass extinction for several years. Yet the attention of the public has been intentionally and systematically diverted to focus on irrelevant issues such as Kim Kardashian’s nude selfies and the godlessness of transgender bathrooms.

Seriously, the “bad news” of the election is in reality a source of “good news.” If we are continuously lulled into sleep and led to believe that things are going to return to “normal” someday, we are doomed. Climate change is real, regardless of whether it is claimed to be a natural phenomenon or a man-made catastrophe. The only hope for survival is a radical change in human consciousness, one that reveals we are “creators” of our world.

Quantum physics is the most validated of all sciences. We should own the insights offered by pioneering physicist Sir Arthur Eddington:

“The stuff of the world is mind-stuff … The realistic matter and fields of force of former physical (Newtonian) theory are altogether irrelevant – except in so far as the mind-stuff has itself spun these imaginings …

It is difficult for a matter-of-fact physicist to accept the view that the substratum of everything is of a mental character. But no one can deny that mind is the first and most direct thing in our experience, and all else is remote inference …

Recognizing that the physical world is entirely abstract and without ‘actuality’ apart from its linkage to consciousness, we restore consciousness to the fundamental position … The idea of a universal mind or Logos would be, I think, a fairly plausible inference from the present state of scientific theory.”
(Eddington, 1930)

In the prestigious scientific journal, Nature, Johns Hopkins University physicist Richard Conn Henry provided a simpler version of the same conclusion: “The Universe is immaterial — mental and spiritual. Live, and enjoy.” According to physics, the way to thrive into the future is to redirect our consciousness away from the fears and focus on the possibilities.

Thanks Donald Trump … that slap on the face is just what we needed to turn this ship around! This election is simply Nature’s stimulus for provoking a life-sustaining cultural and ecological healing response.

With Love, Light and wishes of Good Visions,

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