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Let Us Never Forget How Catastrophic Nuclear War Will Be

This movie, The Day After (1983), can be watched in full on Youtube or below:

For those who never saw this movie or were not around at the time it was released it is hard to convey how it hit the public; it was like a punch in the gut.  The following panel discussion will help explain that further  and if you don’t want to watch the whole discussion at least watch through to hear what Carl Sagan has to say about it (00:12:00).  He and William F Buckley even agree on a point!  And leave it to Henry Kissinger to dismiss the film as simple minded.  He missed the entire point of the film’s purpose as being a focal point for discussion and perhaps driving a solution to the problem.  And how about McNamara saying the American population has no understanding of the world we live in…. Gee, wonder why (as if he had nothing to do with that sort of obfuscation)!

Many people believe that Hillary Clinton would have taken us to nuclear war.  There is no doubt she is hawkish in her actions and words but we should not underestimate Donald Trump.

Sagan was the only one on the panel who had the empathy to mention the impact on Earth while everyone else is obsessed with the impact on humans!  He would be sad to know we’re still dealing with this threat. Watching the film, knowing what sort of impact there were be on air, atmosphere, water, wildlife, forests, etc., can be utterly devastating and conjures images of the Earth’s surface as portrayed in The Matrix (3).  Ruined completely.  How is it that one species which is suppose to be so special could have that sort of potential?

Looking back at 1983:

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