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How to stay sane in the face of climate change

Climate change has a way of leaving people feeling both helpless and hopeless, he continued. And if that doesn’t change — if the problem is not addressed, or the mental impacts of the problem are ignored — humans could be in for more than just droughts and food shortages and more severe storms.“If left unaddressed,” Doppelt said, “these harmful human reactions to climate change are likely to be as bad or worse than the physical impacts.”

Source: How to stay sane in the face of climate change

PTSD is very real for people who are deep into environmental news. It isn’t just limited to Climate Change. It includes animal exploitation and cruelty, particularly the facts surrounding the 6th Mass Extinction event going on now.  It also includes deforestation, destruction of land masses, and the unrelenting pollution of water and air.  The hopelessness is very real because the “leaders” are not acting quickly enough and prioritize corporate profits and personal gains over common goods and ecosystem preservation.  Almost no one wants to give up their lifestyles and believe in some American / Western dream of success which by their own admission: “The one with the most toys wins.”   And ultimately the systemic root cause of the problem is human overpopulation which continues unabated. Yes, PTSD is very real indeed for people who ponder these problems and the fact that too little is being done too late.

More and more articles are appearing on this topic.  This excerpt from an article by  Renee Lewis posted on the Fusion website:

“When I first dove into covering (climate change) and was researching the extent of the crisis, I had one quite dramatic nightmare,” said Dahr Jamail, a reporter for Truthout who covers the topic.

“It was simply a vision of a future Earth that was mostly barren of biological activity, one scarred by resource wars, and having seen a massive die off of humans, given we are already well into the sixth mass extinction event,” Jamail said.

Jamail said his nightmare was influenced by the fact that so little international action has been taken to address the problem.

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If you’re having your own PTSD from all this, please leave a comment and share your experiences. You can do so anonymously.

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