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Trump fools the New York Times on climate change

Why does the Times say Trump has an “open mind” on climate? Because Trump said he has an “open mind” on climate. In fact, he said it six times in the span of a few minutes.

Pay no attention to the hardcore climate denier that Trump named his chief White House strategist, the hardcore climate denier Trump put in charge of the EPA transition (and who is on the shortlist to run the EPA), the climate action opponent Trump named as his Chief of Staff, the fossil fuel executives and lobbyists overseeing his transition for the departments of Energy and Interior, and the conservative Supreme Court judge he can name who would be the fifth vote to block the EPA’s modest domestic climate plan.

Source: Trump fools the New York Times on climate change

The best life strategy when it comes to personal relationships is to never focus on the words but focus on the actions so why the media never does this is a constant source of fascination for me.

One of Trump’s interesting actions is the investment he’s making to protect golf course from erosion. In this case I do not think it’s because he believes in climate change as the root cause – that’s the news spin on the story – he is doing it because his course is being eroded and he wants to protect it no matter the cause.

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