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Turns out that Breitbart article the House Science Committee tweeted out is a con job

The Breitbart piece was written by James Delingpole. Delingpole is the go-to Brit for climate denial writing at Breitbart, because he writes in a faux-British sarcastic and dry style—think of him as a dumb-man’s Nick Hornsby. The fake “wit” masks the fact that Delingpole is just a liar. The quote that Delingpole bases his attack on climate scientists is an article by David Rose at the Dailymail in England. Climate deniers have one argument that they conflate in varying degrees at any given time:

If the earth is getting “warmer” how come sometimes it still gets cold?

That’s basically it. In its most juvenile form it’s headlines from the New York Post during a cold stretch of winter putting out a headline saying “global warming?” In other forms it’s the oldest denier “science” fad—climate change “hiatus.” Since global warming is a large phenomenon, going day by day with your finger out the window won’t give you enough data to base a serious theory on. But, people like Delingpole and David Rose only need to remember that snow is cold to know that everything is fine. Even though this denial argument has been debunked, it doesn’t change the Republican post-fact repetition machine from squawking and squawking about it.The Breitbart drivel above relies heavily on this story by David Rose. David Rose’s story doesn’t actually link to the “evidence” he pretends to give and that “evidence” isn’t real.

Source: Turns out that Breitbart article the House Science Committee tweeted out is a con job

This makes it even more embarrassing!

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