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Stepping Back from Trump’s Election: Critique of underlying US Culture in a List – 25 Limitations

by Jan Lundbert, 12-Nov-2016

The following list items can seem innocuous for each considered by itself, but when considered with even two or three others, is easy to glimpse the cultural backdrop of today’s discontent and dysfunction in the nation. Meaningfully, these realities listed are mostly limited to the U.S. Let us try to distinguish between disasters of policy and instances of cultural values coming up short. Here is food for thought, toward encouraging fundamental change rather than the usual anaemic reforms:

  • They are detached from the land. Very few people are growing their own food. Drinking water is little considered for its source and purity.
  • The U.S. has too much pavement (tarmac), which raises urban temperatures, and it is in that wasted space that people need to grow food and sequester carbon.
  • The dominant culture uniquely locks up the food. So people need to liberate the food and enable its natural growth.
  • People can come to realize once again that nature offers all life’s essentials without charge: food, materials for shelter and clothing, heat, medicine, beauty, and entertainment.
  • They are not composting food scraps, human urine, or yard waste.
  • Their diets involve much too much factory-farm meat, dairy, and eggs. Tainted food, such as with GMOs and pesticides, is the rule.

Source: Stepping Back from Trump’s Election: Critique of underlying US Culture in a List – 25 Limitations

Above is just a brief excerpt from the list – read the entire article, it is highly accurate and revealing as to the inner workings of the cultural collapse of USAmericans.

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